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Aile Group was founded in 1984 by the brothers Lin Shitian and Lin Shigang from Fujian, Jinjiang. With 30 years’ hard working, it has assets of 2 billion yuan and staffs of about 5000 workers. With its three major industries in operation, including commercial properties, luxury hotels and trade&investment, Aile Group has became a leading company in Jinjiang’s commercial property sector. The company holds the principal of integrity in management, morality in business, faithfulness to clients and aims at becoming a world-class enterprise in the future.
Purposes, values and principles
Aile’s purpose is improving the quality of everyone`s life now and in the future, and the warm atmosphere we created will bring more inspiration and guidance for our decisions.
Our responsibility is to be a corporate citizen with social morality.
Our Principle is “Sharing for communicating and communicating for sharing”.
The vision and commitment of Aile
The vision of Aile is to be and to be credited as a world-class company providing the world-class consumer goods and services.
For the benefit of present and future generations, Aile People spare no effort to assure consumers the commitment that we make to them: warming and beautifying life little by little.
Corporate Culture
Aile—— our common aspiration
A warm family we create, the excellent service we pursuit
We share for communication. We communicate for sharing.
Stage 1:Aile Origin 1984-1989 Aile Sports Shoes
Stage 2:Aile Development 1990-1995 OBM
Stage 3:Aile Transformation 1996-2006 Hotels
Stage 4:Aile Prosperity 2006- Diversified Industry
The 6th International Hotel Forum Organization Award, 2011
China Famous Trade Mark , 2006
National Inspection-free Products, 2003
China Top Brand, 2002
We have been adhering to the spirit of "What taken from the community has to be given back to the society".
We are willing to fulfill the duties of a corporate citizenship, and to devote ourselves to social welfare.
It is the core content of Aile`s "purposes, values and principles" to be a model corporate citizen, to achieve the common prosperity of the society where Aile’s staff and shareholders work and live.
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